If you wake up in the morning, you are in business.  Your life is your business!
 - Simone Milasas


Do you have all of the ease you could with business or work?


Do you ever feel stuck or dissatisfied?


Would you like to have more fun with everything?


Maybe, you would like to have more clarity about what you desire or what you are creating?


Business Quickies are just that, a quick and free weekly conversation where you can ask a question and I will… ask you more questions ; ) and offer some tools you can use to get things moving!


Why?  Because I love having these conversations, it’s fun and inspiring for me and I desire to contribute!


Where?  On Facebook, in the new Weekly Business Quickies group.  It’s a closed group, all you have to do is request to join.


What?  15 minute Q & A – or most likely Question & Question, via Facebook Live.  You can ask questions in advance, or in real time.  There are no silly questions, if you have something you would like to look at I am happy to play!


When?  Tuesdays at 11 a.m. beginning February 12th


Let’s start and see how this develops.  It may be that Zoom is a better fit for the Quickies, but I won’t know if I don’t try.  Choice creates awareness and this has been pinging at me for too long to put it off!


Join the Group Here

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with gratitude, Gabrielle


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