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Coming Soon:

Energetic Facelift Class - October date TBD

Getting out of the Groove that Keeps You Stuck-: 1-time Zoom October TBD

15-Days of Gratitude- Energetic Exercises to Expand Your Gratitude October/November

Ongoing - weekly

I will go LIVE in a private Facebook  group and take your questions about business, creation and creating the life you crave

EVERY TUESDAY AT 11:00 am Pacific!

Current Schedule


Onging Weekly

Facebook Live: Business Quickies 

Facebook Live

Do you ever get stuck or feel less than satisfied when it comes to creating your business, your work or your life?  We all hit roadblocks, or just require a little nudge or inspiration.

Every week I will be taking questions live in a private Facebook group, anything is on the table and no questions are too small or stupid.  I promise whatever you are wondering about will also contribute to someone else!  Join the group, it's private, it's free and I am excited to see what we can shift and create!

Every Tuesday at 11am Pacific in the Private Business Quickies with Gabrielle Group



5 Days of Receiving Exercises- Only $10!


Any limits or barriers we put up to receiving creates limits to what we can choose, what we can change, and can show up.

Receiving probably isn't what you think it is.  It involves no doing, it is totally energetic and we are not taught this even though we we are it.

In what ways do you reject, limit, and ignore what you could be receiving.  And, what if by totally receiving everything can be easier and greater?

Are you ready to relax and explore what true receiving is, how easy and effortless it can be?



Live in Redondo Beach & Online via Zoom

Clarity Night - Bodies

All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory... except money!  Does that sound familiar?  Is there anything you would like to change about how you are with money and finances? 

Have you in some way concluded that money has to be a struggle for you? 

Or would you just like to have more fun with it and a sense of luxury in your life?

You are invited to join us for this clearing night on the topic of money.  All of your questions are welcome!

Attend in-person of by stream via Zoom.  If you join live stay for the Bars trade following the clearing and clarity hour.



Bars Gifting & Receiving

Redondo Beach, CA

Join us for an evening of gifting and receiving a Bars session. 


Would it be a gift and kindness for your body? For you?


And please don't feel like you have to be perfect at Bars to come, because first, there is no perfect!  And, this is a great way to ease your doubts if you have any. 


Also you are invited to join us at from 5:30 - 6:30 for a clearing hour on the topic of money.  You can get more info and register HERE




Access Bars® Class

Redondo Beach, CA

The first class in Access Consciousness is The Bars®. There are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn't allow you to receive. It’s like hitting the delete button on your computer. All of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that keep you stuck, that keep you repeating the same patterns in your life over and over again, are released.





10 Keys to Total Freedom : 4-Part Zoom

Online - Zoom

The Ten Keys To Total Freedom are the KEYS TO YOUR FREEDOM in this reality!


95% of anything that is going on can be handled by using one or more of the Access Consciousness® Ten Commandments! If you’ve never attended an Access Consciousness® class before, then this is a great introduction! (And if you have… you’ll discover a whole range of things about how to use the Ten Commandments that you never knew before!) Click link for more info



Live in Redondo Beach & Online via Zoom

Clarity & Clearing Brunch

Please join us, brunch will be served, mimosas inlcluded and we will dive into getting clarity and clearing on any subject you desire.  This one won't have a topic, it's totally open to whatever is up for you that you would like to shift.

I'd like to make this a regular event where we can get together, meet new people and change our lives and the world for better all while having fun!  If you are joining live, please stay for the Bars trade following the Clarity Brunch.

If you are joining us online, you could create your own party, just be sure everyone present is registered and has paid for the class.  Maybe you could even host your own Bars trade before or after?! If you would like to do this and require a language other than English, contact Gabrielle and let's see about arranging translation.



Bars Gifting & Receiving

Redondo Beach, CA

Join us for an Afternoon of gifting and receiving a Bars session. 

This is a great way to get more comfortable running Bars- even if it's been a long time.

Would this be a great way to pamper you and you body?

Also you are invited to join us for the first Clarity & Clearing Brunch just before the trade.  This one will have no specific topic and brunch is included!

You can get more info and register HERE


14 -17

The Foundation® Class

Redondo Beach, CA

How about actively creating 2019 to be the year you changed it all!

It is possible to undo the places where you have been stuck.  You don't even need to dig into it to figure it all out.


There is an easier way - and that's what The Foundation is all about; undoing the limitations, and sticky places and opening up to what you actually know, who you actually are, and creating a life you love.

Would you like to join us for 4 days of laughter, change, possibility and jumping off the cliff instead of just thinking about it?  And, it's ok if you aren't ready to jump.  You will have the tools and information at your disposal when you are ready to go!



Access Bars® Class

Costa Mesa, CA

I am Co-Facilitating this Bars class with Nini Rezai in Costa Mesa, even if you have already taken a Bars class with me, this will count towards the Bars Facilitator License since there is a 2nd Facilitator teaching the class.

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with gratitude, Gabrielle


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